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Originally Posted by natalie View Post
Thanks for the advice =) I know.. I'm pretty positive I am a mono person. I don't know if this the best life for me. But I really have connected with this guy, and that's why its hard. If I didn't feel so strongly about him, I wouldnt consider this.

So that's the only reason I want to research the 'poly lifestyle' like on these forums- because I really feel connected with him, but not his lifestyle I guess... which maybe means I can't do a relationship.
Yea Natalie,

And that's usually what opens people's minds to investigating poly !
When you do connect with someone, and either they or you are in some form of solid relationship already, the mind seems to inject a "so what?". It forces us to confront the myths we were raised with and surrounded by.
The answer to that "so what ?" is going to be different for different people. But the one thing nobody can hide from anymore is, regardless of our beliefs and chosen lifestyle - it DOESN'T insulate us from the rest of humanity. And the connections that may introduce. And so the question "why not?" gets harder and harder to justify with a scripted answer.
Why should we not explore this connection - this mystery ?

You have to answer this yourself but reality is, you'll no longer be able to lie to yourself ! Whatever answers you come up with will have to be very solid indeed.

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