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Red face ... there would be a lot fewer arguments

Indigo and I had a misunderstanding last night, on the way to Mr. A's place. We tried to work it out in the car, and even spent time in the parking lot after we got there.

Eventually, he said something that annoyed me, and I said, "fine" and got out of the car. I may have slammed the door. He may have revved the engine as he drove away.

Of course, I was upset, and immediately after hugging me, Mr. A knew something was wrong. He asked me about it and I tried to explain what had happened.

What HAD happened? I really couldn't explain it to Mr. A.

So, I got up, checked my phone, and found an apology from Indigo for his part. I promptly called him and apologized for my part in our misunderstanding.

Just like that, it was fixed.

If only we all had to explain our arguments to someone else ...
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