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Default moving day.

We woke up, Mono and I to radiant sun shining through his bedroom window. It was warm enough to open it and hear the birds and smell the fall leaves, so colourful and after a night of stormy wind and rain, they covered the playing field out side the window. Beautiful.

It has been one month over a year that he moved there and I remembered last year at this time. I had followed the seasons through that window. A year of Saturday mornings. The change of the light; higher or lower in the sky, the change of the trees from fall, to winter, to spring to summer, each as glorious as the last season. The chestnuts are left hanging on the branches and the aspen left still as golden as last year when we arrived.
I remember full moons shining through that window draping is in soft blue moon light.
Mono got up and made me coffee and breakfast in bed, as usual but less elaborate due to his empty fridge all read for his move. We lay for a second and took it all in. Thinking about the day and what to do. I then decided to entice him to get the move done today. (more tho follow)
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