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The last bit sounds like what I want to do, I'm just not sure how to explain to him in a sensitive way that I am poly without making the wrong impression. Because we only met less than two months ago and have only been working together a couple weeks I don't know how to judge his state of mind.

About the fact that we work together- this is not actually a major issue I just added it as an afterthought. This is my first job in college working for my college- its not my career and he will be graduating next year regardless. If things go wrong between us we can easily choose shifts when we will never see each other and there is no way he will be in any significant position of authority over me. My last boyfriend and I met at work as well. As a student my interpersonal relationships at work are no where near as serious- most of my coworkers get drunk together on a regular basis.

Thank you though
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