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Hi. We are a MF married couple just moving in the direction of polyamory. We tried swinging for a bit when we felt we wanted to open our marriage. She has been active seeing other men, and I am very happy with just her. not really caring to be with anyone else myself. But she loves the experience of others and gets a lot emotionally out of developing close friendships with other men. I love her ad want her to be as emotionally fulfilled as possible. I see an extra partner as a supplement to her emotional needs. So, I enjoy giving her the opportunity to experience the joys of loving another. The swinging did not work well for her. She has discovered that there is little joy in being with men sexually unless some kind of feelings are involved. So currently we are in a seeking mode, leaving her open to date and see what might develop, hoping to eventually be able to experiment with a MFM vee, for now at least with us remaining the primary relationship, and her and a BF being a supplementary and secondary thing for her.

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