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Originally Posted by KiKo View Post
how do I broach the subject of polyamory? I know I am young but I am very honest open and have excellent communication skills. I know myself well enough to know I can make this work. I am also not in the least bit jealous. How do I present this idea to a guy I am almost certain wants to be with me without hurting his feelings or ruining what could otherwise be a good relationship or even just friendship?

-He's also my coworker so this could get potentially very awkward.
Let me start with the last question first... not only awkward but potentially a disaster. I don't know a lot of people that can make that work. I know more that are together and then find themselves co-workers.

I have a no after work socializing rule. Unless I am socializing with all or a few of my co-workers that is. I just keep my life separated from work as much as I can without it looking like I don't trust my co-workers... they and I are good work friends but would never make good real friends. All but maybe one who I would stay in touch with if I didn't work there any more. I guess I have had too many work experiences of work friends becoming my manager and stuff to make it worth while.

In terms of telling him, I would just tell him, before any date comes up or expression of interest in dating... that way he can think about it on his own terms and can approach you positively if he is interested... it also helps friendships stay together when there is some space before someone knows who could be potentially dateable at some point.
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