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Originally Posted by Myzka View Post
whaaaat....the parents are still commenting on the weight??
Mine do too and before it used to bug me more, until I sort of re-framed it into it meaning they are caring about me and that is one of their ways. Pretty much every time I come visit, they would ask whether I've been lately to yoga or swimming or dancing etc...
I just received a letter from my grandparents (snail mail from Ukraine) and they told me that I should send them a picture when I get first response was: what no pictures until then? okay. But I don't think that's the way to go and it's not the battle I'm willing to fight.
wow, thanks, that is a really good point. I need to be more patient and empathetic. My Dad, when I told him I find it hard to communicate with him, thought it was because of his stutter (he stutters badly when he is under stress). he also said, when I told him that I learned from him what men expect, that he thought his being away so much had meant I hadn't learned anything from him or gotten anything from my childhood from him sad, and so not true... ah, my poor old Dad. He is a love... he's 73 and so not aware of anything these days... I will be patient and not take it so personally. thanks Myzka
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