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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
WTF?! Aw HELL NO! That is so uncool! You do NOT deserve that. My mother used to run that kind of game on me, until I grew up enough to defend myself.

You were MUCH kinder with your dad than I was with my mom. Of course the mother-daughter dynamic is so different.
I have tried the blowing up root, but that is followed by "Oh stop being so dramatic, calm down, you make so much of things." I did say also that I was changing my approach and that I am usually told that so I was trying a different root. It actually seemed to work briefly and my mother followed my lead, until she told him he should stop telling me what to do and I said, well you tell him what to do also... and we had both used "you" statements and it all went down hill from there until there was silence. I pointed out our process to get to that and how hurtful it was and how I really needed to work on it and invited them to do the same...

Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
Thanks for continuing to share who you are and where you're at now. I have so much respect for you: your honesty and enthusiasm, your courage and compassion. There is so much about you that I admire. Just wanted to say so.
You're welcome Fidelia. You and I have been here a long time, you are always so kind and supportive. I thank you for that. You always have my back and I appreciate it.
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