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Hi River,

This is where I am at. And I agree there are a thousand ways to be in such a relationship. For me, the line stops at soft kissing, no tongues. I find tongue kissing too much of a turn on and feel that it would make me disrespect his sexuality, by attempting to cross HIS boundaries. We also do not engage in making out or petting... nothing that can be misconstrued as an invitation or precursor to sex. Touching, holding, hugging, kissing, hand holding, laying against and snuggling are all a part of our physical relationship and our emotional relationship is much deeper. It is very satisfying to me. It seems that I only feel frustrated when his female persona is teasing me . We have not yet reached a level with that where either of us is uncomfortable.
Hi again,

Well, I read this over and I think... hummm, things have changed, nothing for the bad, but my feelings/opinions are changing. I've been looking for a place to talk and some advice...and keep coming back to thinking about this forum. But before I start hijacking things here or (since I am not a gay man) posting where I"m not wanted... is this okay for me to continue asking you all for advice here? Just as a reminder, my two guys are gay and I am in a deep emotional, but non sexual relationship with them.


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