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Default 16 yr. old daughter upset by polyamory

my son figured out that there was a good possiblility that i was having a physical relationship... and i know an emotional one as well, w/ the husband of my good friend. she has not wanted to be involved physically for a few months now.

my daughter, age 16 and i had a great morning together. out of nowhere, i yelled while she was learning to drive...she started crying, called me slut. i was shocked...i felt bad for her, that her feelings were hurt. also, mad as i told her, it is my body and i've been unhappy for too many years in a monogomous terrible relationship that ihave the right to be happy. she's young, doesn't understand. she also knows that her father and i participated in swinging. she was crying, "why can't i have normal parents".

she was very upset. i thought she may not talk to me for a while, but she did & we made plans to go shopping for shoes for her. but, i just wonder. in her mind, she is put upon by my divorce 2 her father, and now, my relationship w/ my lover....which is noones, and not even her business.

thanks for reading
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