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Originally Posted by ray View Post
Thanks for sharing, Nim. I figured there had to be someone out there who'd done it. I am unsure of my attraction to her. A few things going on there. For one, she and I are not super comfortable. We get along well, have decent conversation but we've never really clicked in a deeper way. And I've never really felt much energy between her and I. I did however, once have a very intense sexual fantasy involving her. Well, it was just her. But other than that I can't say I feel much. Maybe just cuz she makes me nervous? Who knows... But for whatever reason, I feel like I should be attracted to her. I'm way more interested in just having sex with him. Which we can't right now, because she's not comfortable with that at this point.
If you and she aren't comfy yet, then sex is a bad idea. It would be a bad idea regardless of your virgin status.

From my experience, if she is not comfortable with you and he having sex, then watching you two could be even worse.

You are smart to wait. Trust me, there will never be a shortage of people to sleep with, if they don't end up being the ones!
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