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Hey Jodi, we would love to get in contact with you just for discussion. My wife and I started out experimenting with swinging a few months back, and gradually we have gravitated towards establishing a poly relationship instead, or may be a series of them. She sees other men, and while I have really little or no desire for more satisfaction than I get from her, I do enjoy the deeper emotional benefits she gets from being with others, and because she is inclined to do so we think it will be emotionally beneficial for her happiness to deepen that exoerience.

So I have been encouraging her to see how it goes when she develops some feelings for someone before getting sexually involved. She feels like you do now, that having sex with someone you hardly know is less than fulfilling, and not necessarily right or wrong, just less than emotionally fulfilling. So we are looking to establish something like at least a close friendship and to encourage the development of love with her new partner. As yet she has not met anyone with which we could say a relationship might develop, though there are a couple of developing possibilities.

We hope to hear from you......S&K
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