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Unhappy In a new setting, how can I explain to a potential partner that I am poly?


I am new to this forum, but not entirely new to polyamory. I've tried a poly relationship before. I was long-distance with someone, but he changed his mind and we broke up when I started seeing someone closer to home. I am still friends with the original guy and I've been monogamous with the second one (I'll call him C) for a little over a year. We "broke up" when I left for college in the fall- I'm very young, I know,- but we're still very close both emotionally and physically when I visit him. (We are in different states.) We essentially agreed to an open relationship and have had casual encounters with other people. He supports my seeking a new relationship and accepts my being poly.

I recently met a guy with whom I am becoming very close very quickly and after a shared intimate moment (no sexual contact) I feel he may be interested in a relationship and I would definitely like to pursue that.

Problem: how do I broach the subject of polyamory? I know I am young but I am very honest open and have excellent communication skills. I know myself well enough to know I can make this work. I am also not in the least bit jealous. How do I present this idea to a guy I am almost certain wants to be with me without hurting his feelings or ruining what could otherwise be a good relationship or even just friendship?

-He's also my coworker so this could get potentially very awkward.
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