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Here are the comments so far... I took the names out though... just what they said...

-Not surprised to hear this, given that I think having children at home makes polyamory much more challenging

-It's certainly harder with kids. The time slicing is the biggest problem. Most of the poly parents I know have grown kids.

-Would this be because they are young ? More likely to fill out your survey ? We have 5 children, a poly friend has 3 children. We are out there.

-will there be links to studies to follow?

-All the poly peeps in our neck of the woods are all child-free atheists... I don't think I have met any poly parents in Charlotte.

-I think there is also something to the idea that poly (and sex positive/kinky) individuals have a consciousness about their choices that extends to recognizing childfree living as a viable and valid option in a pro-natalist society.

-The Minx has covered poly parenting several times. I don't think Poly Weekly listeners were not aware that poly parents exist. Between all of the poly parenting coverage and the way that most poly events seem to be, I am surprised by...

-Totally agree with poster two up!

-FYI, the presenters of the study at Poly Living have agreed to post their slide deck with the results of each survey question in graph form. When they do, I'll post it here as well.

-Us poly parents have about zero time to fill out surveys...agreed. Barely making time for Facebook

-I don't particularly like what feels like snark from some childfree folks here. Polys with kids at home can't always make it to poly events, both for child care and because kids deserve some of our time and attention. My 12 yo comes to so...

-I would love to know more about this study. I also wonder how old the kids are that are in question. I have a seven year old, but know quite a few poly folk that have older kids and therefore more time for relationships. I would wonder what...

-just another thought... the whole pro-child culture we live in doesn't necessarily come from poly folk...
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