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whaaaat....the parents are still commenting on the weight??
Mine do too and before it used to bug me more, until I sort of re-framed it into it meaning they are caring about me and that is one of their ways. Pretty much every time I come visit, they would ask whether I've been lately to yoga or swimming or dancing etc...
I just received a letter from my grandparents (snail mail from Ukraine) and they told me that I should send them a picture when I get first response was: what no pictures until then? okay. But I don't think that's the way to go and it's not the battle I'm willing to fight.

On the other note, my parents are quite the opposite in terms of socializing. Back in Russia, it was more even, they had their group of friends, socialized (more separate than together), but once we moved, my mom was much more out-going than my dad. And my dad started slowly going into his shell. And now, if he had his way, he wouldn't go and do something at all...So my mom pushes him, sometimes they are almost fighting...but the craziest part is, once he is out of the house and at whatever place they were going to, he absolutely loves it and says he was such a dumbass for not wanting to now my mom always reminds him, sometimes it even works...
Not much on the advice part, but just sharing the experiences
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