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Hi there, Red,
I been catching up on some of what I've missed here on you blog, and boy! it sure sounds like you're going through some STUFF! Good and not-so-great.

There are a couple of things I wanted to comment on:
Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
. . . I'm so sick of not having the money to do simple things that bring me joy.... It drives me crazy some days. The thing is that on the outside I appear to have as much as other people in my life when it comes to house, car, money to buy good food and some other small items, but that is where the outside look ends... truth is that we have nothing more to spend on
Now THIS . . . this, SisterWoman, is something that I know a little something about! You might say I've done advanced studies at the School of Enough. And I eventually learned this: as long as I was looking out at the world to see if I had enough, there is no such thing. Seriously. It's so easy to find someone around you that has a bigger house, faster car, shinier hair, fancier whatsit. But when I finally stopped looking out and took stock of what I really need and want, and what I already have . . . WOW! It turns out I already have an embarrassment of riches! More than enough, and plenty to share. Your mileage may vary, of course, but I suspect the same is true for you. I hope you find that to be the case.

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I went to a meeting today to be a human book at the university library next week. It was so interesting to here other peoples stories and what kind of "book" they are. We will be made available for two days where anyone can sign us out and talk to us for awhile on the topic of our lives.
Okay, that is entirely too freakin' cool!

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm sitting in the back of my parents vehicle having just been told not a half hour ago by my dad that I am getting fat again. What is that shit?!
WTF?! Aw HELL NO! That is so uncool! You do NOT deserve that. My mother used to run that kind of game on me, until I grew up enough to defend myself.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I told him that it is never okay for him to mention my weight and asked him to consider his words before talking to me about such things.
You were MUCH kinder with your dad than I was with my mom. Of course the mother-daughter dynamic is so different.

Thanks for continuing to share who you are and where you're at now. I have so much respect for you: your honesty and enthusiasm, your courage and compassion. There is so much about you that I admire. Just wanted to say so.
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