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Default hello!

Fair question...but you already gave the answer..i love people..diesnt matter if they girl or boy. i can fall in love with both genders.
At the moment im married to a guy(but this could have been a girl as wel), and im having a BF..but this could be a GF as wel.

i just have to feel respected by the other person, and have a click with them. answer youre question.. it doesnt matter to me...if i was married to a guy, and had a GF. i would have best of both worlds. if i was married to a woman, and had a GF or BF , i would be perfectly happy as wel.but at the moment im mooooooore then happy with my husband, and my BF.
For those who understand, no explanation is needed.
For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.
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