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Something is happening that I foresaw many months ago, only in reverse.

For the better part of five, nearly six, years we have been poly in theory but not had much chance to practice it.

Breathes has had a friend or two whom he plays with on the very rare occasion & I haven't had anyone other than him & platonic friends. Now I've got Possibility & Breathes' occasional play dates are less & less frequent. I love the fact I have another but I'm not happy about the fact Breathes doesn't really have anyone else on a regular basis.

What I foresaw was the amount of time we had been spending was a lot more than what we are getting now & the one who doesn't have another partner is feeling the lack. I think part of it is that we may be in the same apartment but we're in totally different rooms doing our own thing.

The being in separate rooms is something I want to change, desperately. Unfortunately it's a small apartment, not really big enough for the four of us plus various friends who visit or sleep over, so rearranging things will be a nearly impossible challenge.

I will cut what I'm doing short in order to go spend time with Breathes in the other room. I will ask him to come & watch his movie (or whatever it is he's doing) in the room I'm in. I will leave my texting or IMing to be with him.

Hmmmmmmmm, maybe I AM feeling the lack, not just him.

Well, I need to do some last little things to our Hallowe'en costumes for tomorrow night (sewing, YUCK!) & spend some time with Breathes while he watches Spinal Tap (gag).
There are as many ways to do polyamory as there are people practicing it!

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