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Well I have a lot of friends that are under employed, have mental health issues, etc. Etc. Lots of diversity and poverty. Not that they go hand in hand people arrive at things and don't bring anything. I actually asked for people to bring British alcohol to the party; sherry, lager and lime, cider and black, port... Derby and Mono brought cider and black and Newcastle brown ale. That's it. I can't afford to have parties so I will wait to be invited no biggy. At least not yet. I tend to get squirrelly if I'm not invited out. That's why I create so many events. I think it becomes expected of me, which is fine, but often costs me money. I don't mind so much but have felt used a few times. This summer I gave our sleeping bag to someone who lost hers or didn't have it or something and Mono and I froze our asses off. Haha! That was just stupid on my part.
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