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Before he met me,my partner was involved in a V with his now ex wife and his new girlfriend. When both of those went sideways and he began to see me,the ex girlfriend behaved irrationally and abominably and has tried to keep us apart(they have a child together). My partner was living in some kind of fantasy realm that we would all get along until things came to a head and there was a big blow up between me and the ex,so now we have decided(for the meantime) to keep everything seperate because I know my temper(and so does he) and I couldn't possibly be nice to her AT THIS POINT,after everything that's happened. Maybe somewhere down the track,but not now.
If you feel you're not ready to meet her,then you need to explain why,my partner fully understands my reasons and doesn't push it,he knows we all need time to heal. I am jealous because they have a child together and I can't have one,so I need time to get over that.
It almost sounds like that with this new woman,some trust issues have been triggered. I guess what I'm still learning is that the way my partner works his polyamory is by compartmentalizing his relationships,and he does not compare one woman with another..
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