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Thanks for all the comments, both constructive and funny.

We do almost everything together, every second we can. I have noticed (thanks to Redpepper's reply) that my time is consumed by my lovers. We're really on six days into our relationship, and already I'm dropping the ball on other stuff! At the moment though, I don't feel that's necessarily a bad thing... I'd much rather pay attention to my relationship and all its fine detailing than play Dungeons and Dragons-- even though three of my lovers play it with me. I simply don't have an interest in things that involve people who aren't part of the relationship right now. This will probably change later, and maybe that's for the better.

Like Tonberry though, I don't have a job. Only four of my lovers do, and one is on SSI for a heart problem. I'm a full-time student, but it's a lot easier than I would've thought to pay attention to my studies because I have six lovers to whoop my ass if I miss an assignment... something they take perverse joy doing. And I go to most of the same classes with one lover.

Our dates are humongous! We had our first date last Thursday, and just sitting us took a bit. We've all agreed (because of the screaming of some bank accounts) that maybe we might wanna do things closer to home. The one-on-one dates are a little harder to manage right now because of some adjustments to the new type of relationship, and dealing with some shades of jealousy. We keep it simple for the one-on-one stuff; Company and Vegeta play a video game together (even if everyone is still in the house), Ariel and I do crafty things such as make soap and soon we'll be making Christmas stockings for everyone), and so on. In short, I have kept a few of my hobbies, and I suppose that makes me lucky... We all share so much in common.

But hey, even though it's so hard, I wouldn't have it any other way. The vibes are all wonderful when we're together, and everyone is comfortable. Our communication (usually somewhat patchy as just friends) has amped up to an awesome level.

Now my only issue is the one person (Thunder) who didn't come into the relationship with their own primary. We all worry about his moodiness when it comes and goes, and he's told us how sad he can get at night when everyone goes to bed with their primary, and he's by himself with no one to cuddle. We thought to fix this with a funny (but serious!) idea for a "mattress room"... a communal bedroom full of everyone's beds. Maybe this will help him at nights, but I also worry that maybe he gets unhappy with shows of affection, even though the shows are to more than just our primaries. I like to think it's evenly distributed.

Maybe this is an easier topic to find advice for.
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