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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
And Mono I would not feel okay about dragging you and PN out to things because I want to go! I think we might have to talk about that one. I hadn't realized you were both doing things you don't want to do because I want to! That's a tad concerning actually.
Just a note about hermits. The biggest hurdle is getting out the front door. It doesn't matter that we know we might have fun once we are there, but the thought of going is just not comfortable. Kinda like getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning (of course there are things that we need to stay away from to keep from bringing everyone else down). Just remember, every time you stay home and cuddle on the couch you are doing what they prefer.

Sounds like you maybe going through a little burnout on your job. Time to take stalk and look for what else might be available to you. There maybe something out there just begging for what you have to offer.
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