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Actually with Mono moving we have less money because we agreed to him paying less rent and hydro than our other tenents because he didn't require such a large space and I now have a room in his suite. Its also been more money to have it empty for a month and the reno supplies and hot water tank have been adding up.

I'm not complaining so much really as wondering and reminding myself that the fact of the matter is, we just do not have money for anything more than everyday life. End of story. I am not in a position to treat my friends to things like
British night any more. Actually I went into debt for that one. I won't be able to feed people when we go camping or go out to events as much and buy drinks.

We are in a good place with a roof over our heads. Very fortunates, but we just can't do much more. End of story.

And Mono I would not feel okay about dragging you and PN out to things because I want to go! I think we might have to talk about that one. I hadn't realized you were both doing things you don't want to do because I want to! That's a tad concerning actually.
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