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Originally Posted by enoki View Post
My husband and I have been together for five years, married for one, and from the beginning we agreed that we would have a polyamorous relationship, without question. We have both had relations with other people over the last few years.

My husband has become involved with another lady (who is also married), and its proven to be a bit more than I am able to handle this time because they are also close friends. They also work together so they see each other probably more if not the same as he sees me. My jealousy trigger is not so much sexual relations, but emotional attachments.
Screeeeeeeeeeeetttccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (stepping on brakes)

What a second here..........

"both agreed you'd have a poly AMOROUS relationship"

and now..........

"they are such 'close friends'" and " jealousy trigger.....emotional attachments"

So what do you THINK polyamory is ???????????

Are you in the wrong forum or was this just what you understood poly to be ?

I really don't mean this to be sharp tongued, but think about it. Call a spade a spade. It would appear from this you intended to dabble at swinging maybe - but NOT poly. Poly is all about emotional attachment and more !

Maybe backup and rethink what you really want ?

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