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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I did in fact have a great Birthday Lilo Thanks for the cake and love from everyone!

I know not getting to do things really gets you down. I think when we look at these things we need to be ok with each of us evaluating if we can do it on our own and then being ok with going to them. I think maybe you could have swung this weekend but It would have been relatively impossible for me to go due to the cost of breaking a lease but I also place priorities in other places. Getting my bike back on the road after my insurance debacle is top of my list LOL!

Thanks again for a great day Sunshine I love you!
nope, after that surprise water heater I was done for.

I actually considered it, but often times I don't feel I can take away from the family because I want to do something. The fact of the matter is that I now have TWO live in primaries that like to be at home more than out in the world. Either I adjust to that and don't do anything because I will feel guilty if I do, or just go do stuff, spend our money and brush aside my guilt feelings.

PN does not see why I would want to go to a poly conference. He would not be okay with my going and spending our money on things like that if we could spend it on investments such as the house... thing is that we don't spend it on the house either. he just doesn't see things like the fact that the whole house needs painting and that the lino needs riping up, or that we are spending more than need be on hydro because we still have ancient laundry machines that don't run properly... he just doesn't see it or care too. He cares about how much is in the bank and what is going on in his head that he could write about... that and stressing about his shit job.

How do you create interest for people? It was the same issue with you moving in Mono... it's all here. All here in this very thread the process of pulling teeth in order to get him to move forward to do something that he doesn't hold value in and costs money. BAH! drives me crazy.
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