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Tonberry- Funny you use an only child example... because I am an only child and have not dealt with siblings and my family is really small lol.

But yes I know I am really insecure. I would be insecure in a normal relationship and this just adds on a LOT more than I ever ever ever imagined.

"if you were 100% sure he'd never leave you for her or stop loving you, would it be better?"

When it comes to "new" people, even if I somehow knew he wouldn't love me less or "leave me" I would still feel bad. For example, if I was his wife right now and he was speaking to someone like he does to me right now, and talking to her as often as he does- I would feel really awful about it. But she knows and is ok with it, I guess bc that's just how they work. But I don't think I could.
I think the fact that I havent run away screaming yet is that I knew from the beginning his wifey is superior, and I know deep down if she is not ok with me this will stop. So its like I've resigned myself to that, I don't want to resign myself to even more if he falls in love with more girls.

Originally Posted by ray View Post
Do you feel that because of his openness and love for everyone that he is insincere or glib in his proclamations to you? If you don't trust him I could see that causing some problems. Do you think he is trustworthy?
Nail on the head. I don't think he's trustworthy but he hasn't exactly done/shown me anything to prove that, just the fact that he is open and "in love" [and lust] with me while the same with his wife, and his past of casual hook ups- is what the not-trusting comes from.
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