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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
I'm just leery of "I won't fall in love" and things like that. Because I always think, how do you know? You can't control these things. You can only decide how you act.
That's exactly what I've said to him, but he always claims he's sure of everything in his life. I will probably ask about it again, but from what I can recall he said something like he won't "let" himself do it bc he won't be as open with other girls because he knows it would make me unhappy. And he's told me that if his wife was not ok with what he did, he wouldn't do it, so I guess he's trying to convince me that he would have the same care for me.

In the same thread, "how do you know?" I guess can be my same thought to 'if in a few years would I be ok with him adding on another person?'. Obviously I just can't know, but right now it sounds painful, right now I still feel a little "special" and I feel like I wouldn't feel that way if he had more people and it would hurt me.

Because of how our relationship as occurred- it doesnt make me feel special, it just makes me think he can have a relationship like this with any girl that likes him. This has moved really fast, we've literally only been talking 3 months, have met in person twice-ish, and he uses the l-word and talked about a future. Which bothers me too because he says he "loves" LOTS of people, but his love for me is stronger than with his other friends- but that still doesnt sit well with me if he just tells everyone he loves them, even if in his mind there are 'levels.'

It just feels shady and weird at how fast its gone, and how much he claims to care for me even though we havent seen eachother in person that much.

I also always tell him, I just feel like I'm one in a long line of girls he has/wants to hook up with and that's it. The "openess" of his (supposedly past now, according to him) sex life bothers me a lot, that things like that are not a big deal to him- and they are a huge deal to me.
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