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hi natalie, it sounds like your conscience is telling you something about this situation. I suggest you listen to it. I don't know what it might be, but if it doesn't seem right somehow then it seems to me that exploring that might be a really good idea... at least slowing everything down until that feeling changes one way or another.

I had a bit of a red flag when you talked about him moving you in. I wondered if perhaps he is the type that gets all caught up in the "idea" of something rather than the reality. Maybe this is his ultimate goal with SOMEone, but not necessarily you and he has projected this onto you. Perhaps he gets caught up in the fantasy or perhaps not... it sounds like it is too early to tell and therefore you have every right to be cautious. I wouldn't call it worry. Worry for me is for when I can't do anything about a situation right now, I am just thinking about it way too much, cautious seems to fit better to your situation because you are purposely waiting to see. Taking your time and letting it all unfold. Very good idea I think. I think you would be doing yourself a dis-service to not go at the pace that suits you the most.

there is a lot of info on these forums that might be helpful in terms of your other questions... a search for tags or looking in the stickies might help
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