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Thanks. To the ones that replied saying they're with a married guy- what was it like meeting his wife the first time? I know she knows his past girls, and from things I've gathered they've all hung out with her BF. So i guess its normal to them. Just obviously not to me.

Thanks for the input superjast. It is interesting because my friend did at one point say something like, maybe he's just been hooking up with people to find that stronger connection or something. I can't remember the specific words he used but it did almost sound like a 'path' to find the second someone. He's said he wants to stop everything else because he didn't have enough of an emotional connection with others.

One, it still hard to believe he feels that connection with me, two the fact that he has an 'open' mentality makes me think he's just going to fall for a third girl and claim he really really loves her too. He says he won't let that or something, but I know first hand people can't help how they feel even if its not for the best... I have a one-focus mentality, as in, when i focus on someone/something, I focus on it. I could never have multiple relationships and I wouldnt be intrigued/tempted by casual relationships without that emotional stability/promise of a future.

I am afraid that him having a "poly mind" will just make him either emotionally fall for more and more girls, or not be able to stop himself physically when he wants someone.

I'm working on being ok with his wife because I'm just an add-on really.. I know she's first and I knew she was important to him from the beginning. But I told him I am not ok with him being with other girls or in the future wanting to add on someone after me...

Basically, he says all the right things- I just don't feel right in trusting it all.
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