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The strangest thing just happened. Here I was, sitting and staring at Facebook, trying to not feel sorry for myself. The the phone rang. It was B, and she had me on speakerphone. P was there, as well as 3 of her other friends that she is hanging with this weekend.
So I sat and talked non-sense, laughed, and got the opportunity to display the fun and charismatic me to her friends and P. We carried on for almost an hour, making fun of guys with bad pickup lines that tried to hit on B last night, guys with shriveled testicles (of which I am a member ) and be generally rowdy and obnoxious. Together. From 1600 miles away.

Even when she is with P and her friends, she thought of me. B didn't have to include me tonight. I never asked her to, or give her reason to think she should.
She is amazing, and our relationship is strong. I love her completely. She is having a great time, and she is gonna Rawk P's world tonight once she gets him alone.

I couldn't be happier. Well, I could have a friend to share all this with in person, instead of a computer monitor, but I have faith that I can make friends here, and IRL too. Said SNeacail
It's still a work in progress.
I can make this work. I'm happy to be here. Thank whoever is running this clown factory of a world for giving me a place to run to. For tonight, at least, I struggle no more.
The more you judge, the less you love

The only common thread in all my failed relationships, is ME.
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