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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
The Langella Dracula was a reasonable re-telling of the modern mythology (which all started with Bram Stoker).

Stoker really wasn't that good a writer; look for Saberhagen's The Dracula Tapes for a hilarious version told from The Count's point of view. Other modern takes on vampires (written) are the early Anita Blake series, (Laurell Hamilton before she goes strange) , Butcher's Harry Dresden series, and Saberhagen's Dracula series. Also the True Blood TV series and its inspiration, the books (forget the writer at this time).

I mostly fault Meyer's stories because she admits she did no research before writing them. If you're going to invoke supernatural creatures, you at least need to know their literary and mythic origins before doing your own version...
Well she also kinda decided to throw all that to the wind and make her own version based on the dream she had...more power to her, I think...yes I'm a Twilight nerd!
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