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Hi Natalie,

I, myself, am a 'new person.' I'm dating a man O, who's married to A. She's not dating anyone though. I also, am fairly inexperienced. In fact, he's my first relationship. He was also my first kiss. Luckily, we are not long distance. I'm not able to share it with a lot of people for various reasons. Which was especially hard in the throes of NRE of my first relationship. It's still not my favorite thing. But it works. I feel like we have a decent amount in common. Whether or not this relationship is what you want is something only you can decide. But I wouldn't let being inexperienced stop you from trying if it's a road you think is worth going down. It is wise, IMO, to be cautious about going to far to fast physically. Esp, when you haven't done much before. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be sure. And if he's a good guy, he'll understand you needing to go at whatever pace you are comfortable.
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