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This thread sure makes interesting reading! Whole lotta creativity out there.

In contrast, "anotherbo" was a bit of a mistake, fueled by manic impulse-control issues. Right that second, I needed a username so I could post something desperately important!... Anyhow, in my ex-neighborhood there were a few of us guys all named Bob, so I started to use "anotherbob"... then I worried about being "outted" if somebody realized who I was by stuff I posted on here, so I dropped the last "b".

Anotherbo seemed somewhat appropriate, since I was interested in finding a woman who wanted another boyfriend/husband and was also toying with the idea of looking for a beaux of my own. Later I realized I hadn't capitalized the a! (*sigh*)

Anyhow, I just opened a Fetlife account with a username that feels a bit more appropriate, MoeJoeBob. Still doesn't feel perfect though.
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