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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
ray, I havent read many of your other posts, but are you the virgin in question? And do you have an offer from these 2 other people? Are they a couple, or are you all single?
I am the one. I am dating O and A (in a V, so many letters!). They're married. It's not been an offer as much as a possibility that we've discussed. He definitely wants to but is very understanding of the fact that it might not happen. He mentioned that she thought that my first time being a threesome was unwise. I agreed with that. I'm pretty nervous about sex (getting started anyway) and have a decent portion of emotional baggage surrounding it. So for me, I'm thinking no. I'm not even sure if I'm ready for "normal" sex yet. I'm excited to try it eventually, though. I have a bucket list. It's making more sense to me now, though, why it's really dependent on the people. For some I could see how it would be a great first time.
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