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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Maybe, but maybe he's interested in the wife, knowing she's already had kids and he won't have to "provide" any, and that you'll be there to take out of her kids while she's out with him.
Which isn't necessarily very fair to you. Getting to know you could help with that. Possibly getting involved with the kids in some way (as a friend of you guys), ideally to take care of them for the two of you to go out on a date, would I think be ideal later down the road.
When you start a relationship with someone, you take them the way they are, with all their baggage: that include the kids and the existing partners.
Between the responses I'm getting here, and the other threads I've read, it seems pretty common that the two males should have some communication. Let me know what you think about this- both C and new guy seem to want to not have me meet him- how about if I sent him an email? That way they would feel less threatened, and yet it would still force new guy to have to understand that there is another person around.. Lord knows what I would say to him, but it might be easier for me as well.

I feel like I need to do something because after two plus months, I'm no closer to accepting it, and no closer to "forcing" her to end it. It's like a purgatory for me.
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