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Hi Ak

Really sorry you're feeling the way you are. Dreams like the one you had can be a significant indication that things are indeed out of balance. I know when my marriage was breaking up I had some real doozies that had a similar feel to yours. One in which I wasn't sure if I was awake or still dreaming it took me a while before I could get myself out of the dream state. I'm not saying your marriage is breaking down, only that there may be similarities in the stress levels that bring on this kind of dream. Please be careful, I have always been worried about the turn your life has taken.

You have told us a lot about how you're feeling but apart from being ill and tired nothing about the triggers. Unless you share some of these we can't really be of too much help except to say that you have lots of friends on here that think of you fondly and want to see you happy and peaceful.
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