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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
Last Tuesday was mom's wake, I spent first two hours of my day fighting with her that BF#1 was not welcome, I gave up arguing with her, called him and lit into him, he, wisely, did not show up. .
I am flabbergasted by this. What a completely an utterly selfish person. I have no words to say how offended I am for your relationship.

I think I am out of advice. I wouldn't ever let that disrespect stand. Your mom's wake, your choice to have it as respectful as you need it so you can say good bye. Having her fuck buddy there is pure 100% ignorance.

This must be destroying your self esteem. I am sorry if you have mentioned this but have you sought counselling? I obviously can't tell you what to do, I have no idea why you are still involved. Love is not enough to put up with this imo. You are getting nothing out of this relationship.

I am sorry for your loss, it is always sad to lose someone in your life you treasure. I don't know the type of woman your mom was, but maybe take some of the strength she had in life, to lift you up and give you the strength you need.

Best of luck with this continued saga.

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