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@Ariakas I completely agree with both points. I almost feel like its turned into some sort of war of wills. I keep telling her I wont see her until therapy, she pushes, I fall off the perverbial wagon...I know, I'm screwing up by seeing her, I don't deny it at all.

Last Tuesday was mom's wake, I spent first two hours of my day fighting with her that BF#1 was not welcome, I gave up arguing with her, called him and lit into him, he, wisely, did not show up. But the male 'friend' that Im certain shes lying about did. I let it go, I had enough on my plate. My mom's Funeral was Wednesday, she kinda acted like wife for the day, Thursday she returned to work, and had an overnight guest. Friday I met up with a bunch of friends for cocktails, she came along, left for a few hours, because she wasn't comfortable, and came back to give me a ride home. Yet another argument on the way home. Saturday and Sunday she stayed home, possibly even alone..I think she met a cyber guy or twoo Monday, Tuesday we had pre-arranged tickets to a cooking class, yet another fight, Wednesday she had a date with her male 'friend' I am certain she's lying about, yesterday she met e neew cyber guy for drinks, I know she was home early..each day, she keeps asking to make plans for dinner, which I just ignore, and ask if she's got appointment yet.
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