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Thanks guys. I really do think she needs help. Ive spared you alot of the details, but everyday is a new trauma/drama. I tried my best, but I just have to back off. She keeps asking me out/over, but everytime I put my foot down, I get weak and see her. It usually amounts to a fight, and I think Ive got 3 REAL kisses in the last 2 months. A mutual friend thinks she is going to keep pushing to get me back, and have her party life. I've told her repeatedly no,, but the more I try and stick to it, the harder she pushes. Frankly, I love her so much, and Im so mentally weak right no with all the other stuff, I have a real hard time saying no. She's going to see her brother next weekend, under the guise of telling him whats been happening, I dont believe she will tell him the WHOLE truth. I can only hope he points her in right direction. I've tried reaching out to her mom, sister in law, and lastly her brother. The family has some wierd "dont get involved" code of ethics. I really think she needs therapy. She's told me she's been calling trying to get appointments, but, I think it's just to shut me up. She's also taken to lying to me, which NEVER would have happened in the pre-this mess days. We've always been totally candid and honest, no matter how painful with each other.

IN September, she went to BF#1's Labor Day Party, managaed to get so offensively drunk BF#1s wife almost called cops, she hooked up very publically with BF#1's best friend, (which infuriated him). And had some other disgusting lewd, very public behavior. A few weeks later, I learned her antics were the talk of the town, and some how came up through a third party who witnessed it and was at another friends house laughing about it, not knowing the friend knows us (me since I was 15).

She went on to see BF#1s best friend regularly for 'quickies' for awhile, that didnt work, he just wanted to shag she wanted a friend.

In our numerous discussions she tells me shes doing it to 'feel' and she has no idea how to be a friend without having sex involved.

One of my pre-reqs along with therapy for us ever getting together is she needs one real friend.

She made friends with one of BF#1's former flings, out of a mutual hurt. I had hope for awhile. After a few weeks she wound up cybering this girl's crush/fling, and ruined the opportunity for a friend.

Theres also BF#3, she claims she hasnt slept with, I know she's lying, he happens to be a friend of BF#1's wife.

Keeping up?

Lets see now shes dating like mad guys she meets on a website to hook up married cheaters, some of which shes having come to her apartment for first dates.

All the while she's telling me she wants to work on us.
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