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Unhappy To Vent

I don't expect anyone to find this interesting...I just need a place to vent.
I am freakin miserable right now because my couple is in the States without me and I'm at home. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal...I like alone time...but I don't like the town I live in right now, for a few reasons...My trust in people was majorly betrayed a few months back so I have few friends that I can be seen in public with. Even when my couple is here, I can't really be seen with them. Work isn't busy right now because I'm getting ready to move. And what's bothering me the most is I'm just not hearing very much from H & B. More from H, very little from B. I've barely talked to him since he left. I already have issues because I feel secondary much of the time because I'm so limited on when/where I can see them. They say it's nothing to worry about because they're usually just doing boring stuff....but they get to do that boring stuff TOGETHER, without me. Now they're home and granted, I know B needs this to set up his career when he gets back to the US. But when I was home, I e-mailed or texted them whenever I could...just not feeling like I'm getting that back right now. I have 2 and a half more weeks of this...usually that amount of time doesn't bother me...I've had to go much longer without seeing an SO...but I just freakin hate any form of long distance. This makes me nervous because we're planning on doing next year in Korea, them in's at least the same time zone but it's still gonna be probably a month or more in between each visit...I'm just not happy at all right now.
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