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Originally Posted by ray View Post
I'm curious. What does everyone think about a threesome being some one's first sexual experience. How would you feel if it was your first time? And, how would you feel if you were involved in a threesome where one individual had never had sex?
Its an easy first step. Its a simple way to progress into potentially loving more than one. Its a socially acceptable way to grasp the concept.

My first time I was too involved in the moment to feel anything beyond arousal. My next bunch of times its the same thing. I tend not to focus to much on the hows and whys of sex, I just do. Like the nike commercial.

I don't think I would have a threesome with someone who was a virgin. But thats because I was never interested in virgins and I am not sure a persons first time shoudl be a group thing. Not sure why it shouldn't either. Thats a lot of excess pressure beyond just losing your virginity. I guss it depends on the person
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