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So, I heard from the friend.
She says that they're not really together - he doesn't want a LDR, he's had one before and it didn't work (sounds like such a silly reason, obviously none of his short distance relationships have worked either, so...). But something happened between them. She's not willing to tell me what, but she couldn't tell me what colour his eyes are so it makes me wonder how much really happened.

It seems she has feelings for him and they talk regularly. He apparently made it clear that they're not in a relationship, but she's determined to move and give it a try from up close.

So I guess she's in a situation similar to mine except she has more contacts with him, something has happened with him at some point and she's liked him for much, much less time.

I'm not sure where it leave me. Honestly, I'm not sure I care. I always thought he was too busy to have much contact with me, but he's been having much more contact with her, so I'm going to say he doesn't like me. Which sucks, but that's that.

Oh well. I'll get over it eventually, and who knows how things might evolve?
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