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Red face Turning Into A Small Village...

I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice or just want to talk to someone about the recent happenings in my lovingly crowded home.

Very recently, I became involved in my first poly relationship with my husband, and four other people. On Monday, another couple joined us as well. We've had what I can only imagine as normal arguments, being such a big group starting out. We're all very careful with one another, though there's still the unfortunate stepping on feelings by accident while we adjust to the newness.

There's a lot of NRE that's gotten us into a fair amount of trouble... it's hard to determine what'll make us uncomfortable when we first set out, and so we'll think that we're going good until we're suddenly very upset. We've been communicating very well though, and most of the problems don't last for very long.

Can anyone tell me how to manage spending time with six lovers, or is this unique?
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