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Hi, enoki. Welcome to the forum.

I know you asked the internet for a reply; I hope you don't mind if it's me instead.

It sounds to me like you're at the boiling point over some disrespect you feel has come from your husband's girlfriend, and are now feeling pressured to put it behind you.

If I'm reading it right, it looks to me like y'all are moking all the right moves:
You felt your relationship was being disrespected, so you
Discussed your feelings and concerns with your husband, and came to an agreement (which his gf also agreed to). So far so good!

Now, you feel your husband is pressuring you to have a sit-down meeting between the three of you, to alleviate your continuing negative feelings. That's not an unreasonable request, but you don't feel there's much potential for a positive outcome for you, so you're telling him no. Are you also telling him why not?

I know when my negative emotions are well and truly triggered, it takes me a LONG time to get over it. Even when the problem is solved and there's nothing else to be done. It takes me a long time to get upset, and it takes me a long time to get over it; that's just the way I'm wired. And the people who know me well, know to just give me time and space to find my center. And I always do come back to my normal sunny self. Is that the case here, perhaps? Because it sounds to me like the problem (the disrespect you perceived) has already been solved.

There's nothing wrong with taking the time you need to process your emotions. Just let them know you do need the time.

Good luck to you.

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