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Well it's been a lifetime since I updated. It's been nothing but an ever worsening trainwreck. SInce this, she ruined things with married guy #1 by screwing around with his best friend, has been dating like crazey guys from, and my mom passed away on the 8th of the month. She managed to be with married guy #1 the night my mom died, after we got into a heated argument and I left (we're living separately now). Im pretty confident she's now lying to me about who she is with. She hasn't shown any interest in me since ... August...maybe? She insists shes poly (bullshit) and need this, that she loves me and wants me. I call bullshit on the poly because her behaviour is anything but loving, shes dating like crazey, and perfers the lack of attachment with married men. She keeps saying things like she does it to 'feel' and she doesn't know how to be friends with anyone without sex. I recently took an online mental evaluation, and answered as if I were her, came out Boarderline Personality Disorder/Narcissit/Schoizd. While granted, it's online, it made alot of sense. I dont think it's Poly at all so much as just a way for her to harm herself. Some of these internet guys shes even meeting for the first time at her apartment. Additionally, shes done some pretty radically stupid, self destructive other crap. I'm sncerely worried for her health and safety, trying to find some balance where I can stay behind the perverbial safety glass. Ive reached out to her family with zero luck. Ive begged her to get therapy, again nothing...

There has obviously been a truckload of drama since my last post, I just dont have the strength or heart to rehash it all.
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