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It`s quite simple for me.

.....Everything in moderation.

Sometimes a partner wants to know more, sometimes they don`t.
Sometimes I want to share more, sometimes I don`t.

It`s important to ebb & flow with the natural mood of the relationship. There was a thread somewhere we talked about seperating your feelings from your SPOUSE as opposed to the same person who may also be your BEST FRIEND. Each side of ourselves, handles things differently. I think it`s important to recognize that, when discussing 'details'.

As GS said,..if you are the partner that doesn`t want to share, you can simply say ' I need to keep that aspect for myself right now.'

If you are a partner that needs to know more, then say it. Don`t pinpoint particular stories, if you can help it. Just ask your sweetie if there is something they CAN feel good sharing openly with you. From there, comfort can get a foothold, and maybe it will get easier and progress.

Give a little. Take a little. Love lots.
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