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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I should say, I didn't mean to imply this ...I enjoy SJ and Pengrah building a friendship for example. It would be hard for me personally, to maintain a relationship with a pure no contact rule.

My point is more about privacy within the intimacy of the relationship itself (whether it be sexual emotional or otherwise). If we can all be friends than fantastic
Hi Ariakas, I did get what you meant, it is the same for us. That's why I quoted you, I didn't mean to sound like I was misinterpreting. And in our vee OHb and I are friends. It was just this one particular week it just got a bit much for my wife, OHb phoned and texted several times every day and didn't seem to mind which one of us he talked to; OHb and I had a sort of breakthrough between ourselves and, I dunno, maybe it was a sort of small NRE effect. And my wife was like: "Hey, where am I in all this, I am supposed to be the important one!"
Everything is cool though. She is very pleased that we are friends. We could so easily have been enemies.

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