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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
If we as a society are not "over it" on the gay/lesbian issue, with all the press, legislation and activism out there (which btw will dwarf poly activism by light years' worth of galaxies) then what do we expect to happen when a few open marriage, free lovin' old hippies start marching? Small fish in a big pond........
Well, there is still a lot of racism around. However, it has been slowly dying out. One interesting poll was on the acceptance of interracial marriage. I think that hen the Supreme Court legalized it, 90% of Americans were against it. I think in the 1980's, more Americans were for it than against it. And support for it grew at about 1% a year.

So I think there are different segments of society dealing with this in different ways and we don't all reach the "finish line" at the same time.
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