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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

For the record, this is one area that I prefer discretion. I don't believe either of my relationships should know everything about how we play, date or have fun. My relationship with Superjast gets as much privacy as my relationship with Pengrah, and I expect the same in return. Its our relationship...not everyones. By releasing every detail of whats happening it, to me, cheapens it a bit. Primary or secondary doesn't matter. Anyone getting involved with me would get this and in turn I would expect it.
I am with Ariakas here. Privacy is important, especially to my wife, (who is the hinge in our Vee) At one stage after we scrapped the no-contact rule OHb and I were getting on great as friends, texting each other independently of my wife. But she started feeling that she was losing herself; each of us always knew where she was and what she was doing through the other partner. It drove her crazy. So she reimposed the no contact rule.
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