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Definitely. I need to have a very firm hold on my partner's "love experience" with his SO. The more I know the more comfortable I am. I have to say here that my partner's love insists on celibacy so there is no big sexual experience to share. They cuddle, sun bathe naked and she gives him naked massages but she juggles many male friendships and remains essentially celibate.

Still it is really important that I understand what makes it tick. Initially I even tried to be more like her in the hope that if could give it to him he wouldn't need it elsewhere. Nice try but no score. He is definitely in love with her and nothing I can do will change that. I don't know if I could cope if he tried to protect me from their relationship. As much as it still hurts sometimes I
would rather have that by a million times than have it all secret and kept apart from me.
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